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Part of the “Poor Church Mouse collection”

Church Mouse “The Highlander”
This brand new addition to the set is known as The Highlander. Somewhere in the heart of England within one of the Cathedrals of this great and glorious land there are a set of medieval choir stalls. Underneath one of the misericord seats there is a small crack and a little hole and it is here that the church mouse lives. When the congregation have gone home, the Vicar is at the Vicarage sipping tea and having a cucumber sandwich, the cleaner has cleaned and the Verger has locked the doors it is then when the Church Mouse comes out to play. Like Mr Ben he has a great magic wardrobe with many different outfits to wear, today he’s dressed as a proud Scottish Highlander, so it’s on with the Pompom hat, his Tartan Kilt and most importantly his Sporran, he’s off now for a great adventure. Although known generally as the Highlander his real name is Donald McSporran and he’s been to the Isle of Skye to see his cousin Dougal, as we all know it’s a windy Isle and he forgot his trousers! Never mind he still had fun especially after a visit to Taliskar Distillery where upon he had a few whiskeys and then joined in a wee Kaylee. Although he’s having fun, once the new day begins and the Cathedral re opens for daily services it’s back to his little hole and a bite to eat, he’s still a mouse and always been hard done too living within the Cathedral and hoping for better things in life and a new home away from the Cathedral, he prays for your help. Could you be his saviour and new keeper?

Made in the UK hand cast in a resin composite and stained to represent wood.

Stands approx. 3″ tall