Green Man


Product Description


Green Man #7 (Ripon).

Taken from the medieval carvings (1490 – 1495) found on a Misericord within the choir stalls of Ripon Cathedral. This replica is of the classic image of the legendary Green Man. This piece like most at Ripon Cathedral is in perfect condition and this replica has captured all the detail of the craftsmen that carved this piece over 500 years ago.

This product comes with wall fixing and product label.  This is a cast replica produced from a mould taken directly from the original carving found upon the Misericords within Ripon Cathedral, England. We have exclusive permission to take moulds from original medieval carvings from within the Cathedrals & Abbeys of Britain and to then reproduce them for sale. These reproductions are cast from a resin composite and then stained to give the product all the fine detail, feel and authenticity of the original carving.