Mr Nobody


Product Description

Mr Nobody. (Blemmyae).

Taken from the medieval carvings (1490 – 1495) from within the choir stalls of Ripon Cathedral. This magnificent and outstanding reproduction carving belongs to a pair of the mythical creature known as a Blemmyae.  This example is rather unique in that unlike most Blemmyae being shown as a head less body with their faces on their chest, this one is a head only with legs, the only one that we have come across in English Cathedrals. It is without doubt the main inspiration for the caricature “Humpty Dumpty” being shown as an Egg-like character, originating by Lewis Carroll. Research shows that the nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty” refers to a very large and fat round shaped cannon that back fired and fell of a wall, King Charless men and the Horses could not fix it before being overtaken by Oliver Cromwells Army. It is Lewis Carroll who in the 19th century spent a huge amount of time in Ripon Cathedral created the caricature of an Egg called Humpty Dumpty and this carving found within the Misericords of the Cathedral is most certainly the carving that inspired him to create the character in his Alice in Wonderland book and other stories. These carvings are a great insight into the believes of the people of the medieval period along with their understanding of the outside world.

This piece like most at Ripon Cathedral is in perfect condition and this replica has captured all the detail of the craftsmen that carved this piece over 500 years ago.

Comes with wall fixing and product label.

Size 16cm diameter.


Size (H) 10cm x (w) 12cm.