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Beautiful replica of the famous Saxon Ripon Jewel.

22ct Gold plated, fine enamel. Gift Boxed. Approx 1.25cm diameter, 6cm in length

History of the Ripon Jewel. – The Ripon Jewel found close to the Cathedral in1976, is a small gold roundel 29mm in diameter. The back is a plain gold sheet, but settings for gems have been fashioned on the front  with strips of gold. The four square cells have been filled with amber and the small triangular cells with garnets. The central setting and inner arcs of inlay are now missing.

The original church on the site of Ripon Cathedral was founded by St Wilfrid (c.634-709) in 672. This type of inlaid jewellery was fashionable during Saxon times and would have been worn by Kings, nobles and important churchmen. The cross design formed by the amber inlays hints that the ‘Ripon Jewel’ may have been made for some ecclesiastical use, perhaps to embellish a relic casket, a cross or some other church fitting.

The Ripon Jewel itself is on display in the Cathedral treasury located within the Cathedral library.