Ripon Rose


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Taken from the medieval carvings (1490 – 1495) from within the choir stalls of Ripon Cathedral on one of the lavishly ornate carved Misericords. This carving is of a Rose; this is often called and referred to as an early example of the Tudor Rose. There are many examples of roses amongst the choir stalls and Misericords in Ripon Cathedral.

What is special about this rose is not only its beauty but carved at the very end of the English medieval period and the very start of the Tudor period. Henry Tudor (Henry VII) had recently been crowned King of England, uniting the houses of York and Lancashire and bringing peace, stability and prosperity to England after many years of civil unrest and war. This Rose is an example of the new emblem of the Tudor reign.

Comes with wall fixing and product label.

Size 11cm diameter

Hand crafted in the UK